Advanced manufacturing technology and operational excellence
• Entire 0.15mm to 35mm range is coiled on World-class CNC coilers such as Wafios, Bennett, HTC, imported from Germany, France, Taiwan, UK, and Hong Kong.
• Fully automatic CNC setup for all processes i.e., coiling, stress-relieving, grinding, shot Peening, ID/ OD chamfering, Vibro-deburring, presetting, testing.
• State-of-the-art testing laboratory with the latest equipment such as Universal Tensile Testing Machine(UTM), torsion testing, metallurgical microscope, load testing,(10 T, 1T,200Kg, 50 Kg, 10Kg, 2Kg load cell), torque testing, 4- axis CNC profile projector, fatigue tester, endurance testing, magnaflux crack detector, salt spray test rig, hardness tester.
• Operational excellence ensured by maintaining best in the class material, Trained and skilled Manpower, TPM, Lean Methodologies, Stricter adherence to Quality Management Systems.

A quality driven company, proven track record and excellent customer service
• Zero defect supplier for BOSCH, Hitachi and Knorr-Bremse for over 24 million springs supplied for the last year.
• Impeccable and proven track record of over 20 years for reliable supplies related to extremely critical applications such as Automobile brakes, engine, clutch, boiler safety, nuclear, circuit breaker, etc. without a single incidence of line stoppage or field failure.
• Recipient of Best Quality Performance Award from Knorr-Bremse, Bosch & Foundation Brakes (Hitachi), Certificate of Appreciation Award from GE.
• IATF 16949, ISO 9001, Maruti Suzuki Green Tier-2(72%), IBR, Bosch Production Systems Lean, VDA 6.3, GE, ZED Gold certified.

Technical expertise and solution provider
• A technocrat driven organization. Founder Dr. Ramesh Chaudhari (Doctorate in Mech.) is having vast experience in machine building, jigs and fixtures. Mr. Chetan Chaudhari, MD (MS USA IIT Chicago with Hons) has worked in the USA for four years as a Design Engineer/ Manager before joining KMT in 2007.
• A renowned company in India focused on quality and delivery. Over 200 critical import substitutes successfully developed and are regularly supplied.
• In-depth understanding and expertise related to spring engineering such as optimizing cyclic life, buckling, creep, latest spring material and its metallurgy, engineering design principles, assembly functioning and dynamics, special manufacturing aspects, operational excellence etc.
• Shorter lead time for sample development with the help of proactive engineering analysis, feasibility evaluations, ready inventory of a wide range of material and sizes, service-oriented quick response team, in-house tool room & design software facility.

The one-stop-shop for all kinds of springs
• We supply springs in wide sizes of wire diameter range from 0.15mm to 35.0 mm with a wide variety of material including music wire, oil tempered, stainless steel, Monel-Inconel, 9254,51crv4 (hot coiling) and many more.
• Wide varieties of springs such as light-duty compression, heavy compression, double-end, tension springs, torsion, wire form springs, stampings, wavering, and Spring Assemblies.
• Expertise in a wide range of end applications, including Automotive, Electrical, Nuclear, Valves & Actuation, Oil and Gas Industries, etc.
• Many Customized solutions delivered, including special assemblies with in-house machine-building and design expertise.