• We produce many assemblies for automotive and switchgear industries.”
• By buying ready assemblies the customer can save their time by ordering different components and also have control over inventory, mismatch of components, etc. Hence as cost-cutting measure customers should outsource assemblies and give assemblies for production.

Complex assembly components from different parts

In addition to the production of springs, assemblies and spring packages made of various products and materials are also particularly our areas of expertise. Our expertise particularly lies in complex spring packages with the highest requirements. High-precision assemblies are manufactured through punching, forming, welding, bolting, riveting and then mounted onto our own advanced machines. Searching for new challenges No matter how specific your requirements are regarding the completed assembly – we are your optimal partner. Complex tasks are tackled with unconventional approaches, always to the full satisfaction of our customers. The high demands on ourselves are reflected in the high quality of the products. We provide you with solutions instead of questions.