KMT follows a competency based recruitment process, wherein technical as well as behavioral competencies are assessed in candidates. KMT has a competency model that is customized to different roles and work level. Psychometric tools, panel interview and reference checks are used for getting on board talent with right competencies for the roles in the group companies.

Induction is one of a very important dimension of managing talent in the group companies. A newly joined employee is inducted such that (s) he is professionally, socially and culturally integrated. The employee is made aware of the group policies and depending upon the role, an induction plan is prepared and the employee made to interact with all relevant stakeholders

Performance Management
A rigorous review of the objectives takes place on a quarterly basis, with thrust being to facilitate and enable for execution. At the end of the performance cycle, the performance is evaluated, at the backdrop of context. The learning agenda and career interests are identified and addressed.

Reward & Recognition
Good performance that is consistent is rewarded differentially. The rewards are not necessarily in terms of financial rewards and non-financial means are also taken for rewarding consistent high performance.

Learning & Development
KMT has designed and implemented delivery mechanisms of addressing the Learning & Development needs of employees.

We believe that training is like an investment which in time yield excellent results in terms of better quality, increased efficiency & customer satisfaction. We have an excellent in house training room manned by the experienced faculties.


Various important tenets of the Leadership Development Initiatives are taken at KMT which arehighlighted below:
• Leadership has a direct impact on business outcomes.
• Spot early, identify the competency profile and leverage on the strengths of people.
• Leadership is not individual heroism but a team phenomenon.
• Monitor and review the plan for achievement and mid-course corrections if needed.
• Appreciate and celebrate development.
• All can be developed into leaders. However, developing leaders within defined timeframe is easier if minimal threshold leadership competencies exists.
• Leadership team has to be constituted such that the team members complement each other’s' competencies.


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