KMT springs are being tested on endurance testing at KBX and GM Motors.

Testing facilities at KMT on Load Testing Machine and UTM Machine.




This term 'Quality' for KMT means, supply of correct material as per customer design in time.

KMT uses only branded manufacture of spring steel wire.

KMT has four stages of Quality system.

I. Quality of Raw material Inspection
   a) Visual (Crack, Diameter, etc.)
   b) UTS testing
   c) Torsion testing

II. First of production inspection.

III. In process inspection every after 2hr. at coil machine, OD and accurate length. 

IV. After heat treatment.

We follow statistical quality control (SQC).

KMT brings you the world-class quality springs with custom-built designs, full-fledged R&D, computer technology, in-house testing facility, innovative product. KMT has 5year experience in manufacturing automotive, switchgear & other applications springs.

KMT springs are complemented by a strong emphasis on quality control professional commitment to the highest technology  & international standards. KMT springs have successfully undergone rigorous testing at General Motors and they have been using in their in their PANTHER vehicle brake assembly supplied by KBX (M/s Kalyani Brakes Ltd) KMT's excellent quality of springs and the use of thoroughly tested field proven and out standing performance in the national and international markets.

KMT's high quality springs have accepted & used in brake assembly of General Motors, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Udyog Limited. Bajaj Auto Limited ,Bajaj Tempo etc.

Access to External Test Facilities :-

  • Structural fatigue tests at General Motors.
  • Material test labs at KBX Pune and Jalgaon.
  • Testing and Validation facilities.
  • Coil spring endurance.
  • Salt Spray Test.
  • Oil and Heat Treatment.

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