KMT Manufactures Tension, Compression and Torsion springs in spring steel wire and stainless wire.
KMT springs are used for two, three and four wheelers for various applications like braking system, clutch assembly and electrical switchgear.




KMT is a professionally managed company with qualified Engineers, supervisors and skilled labour that are the key pin of maintaining the quality of product & improving the productivity of the organization. Management also takes care of these key pins to maintain a free & fresh environment to lead a strong healthy understanding view need of the hour to improve quality & quantity of production to fulfill the customer requirements in time.

Management has a policy of developing OEM Customer on global basis, custom-built spring manufacture and to provide comprehensive cost effective product for their end user in order to enable them to remain competitive in the global market. Changing, upgrading and continuously improving the work ethos and capabilities of the work environment. By doing so KMT continuously strives to bridge the gap between supplier and customer and their expectations and product performance.

KMT is proud to inform to their customers that their springs are accepted by world leaders BOSCH- JAPAN and HONDA MOTORS JAPAN for KMT quality of finish in springs. Secondly KMT's springs have been undergone extensive tests at General Motors & they have started using KMT springs for their panther vehicle. KMT springs are supplied to various industries including Railway. KMT has achieved the 100% Schedule & Vendor Rating with their existing suppliers, which proves KMT's capability in Quality with Supply in time as per customer requirements.


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